🎷Introducing SAX

Decentralise culture and its distribution using blockchain technology and incentive engineering.

Hyperfinancialising the Attention Economy

Let's first talk about why we created SAX. Have you ever wondered why a certain topic is trending in social media, and do those shortlists of 15-20 topics reflect real-world issues? Have you ever had the moment when something you deeply care about that deserves mainstream attention never seems to get the coverage it deserves?

Yes, we all have that frustration. Economists will tell you about these tech companies' advertising revenue model, technologists will argue the topic ranking algorithms are technologically neutral, and conspiracy theorists will shout about the control of the media benefiting one side of the election ... all in all, they are all profit-maximizing on our culture.

But, where's your profit in this matrix?

Culture is measured in popularity, which has been difficult to financialise previously. While top-tier influencers get the opportunity to financialise their influence on culture via paid sponsorships and ad revenue, trend participants that made the cultural phenomenon possible have no way to share a cent of those profits.

SAX wants you to take back control and profit from the trends you help become popular.

Make money by spotting early trends and spreading trends to more people, as simple as that. Our team of data analysts and engineers has created a formula to quantify the virality of trends and reflective price trajectories so you don't need to worry about finding liquidity for your trends purchases and sells. Ape into the cultural trends you like, and enjoy the profits as the trends get popular.

Anyone Can Influence Mainstream Culture

As the smallest unit in a cultural trend, your role in its popularity will be amplified and incentivized at SAX.

YOU, can be a trendsetter.

No more unpaid work to make memes/jokes/events hyping. Your organic engagement in a trend will be tipped.

YOU, can be a trend creator.

No more creating a concept that becomes trending and receives no benefits from it. Your creation of cultural trends is valuable.

Rugless, Liquid, Brand New Asset Class

Unlike memecoin, a flawed proxy model for culture trading, anyone can mint a trend on SAX using standard contracts, eliminating any chance of honeypots and rugs. The trend deployers have no control over the trend's supply or the bonding curve pricing formula, nor can they allocate team allocation to themselves to dump on you later. The trading price of the trends will be purely determined by the bonding curve formula which is influenced by their virality.

SAX is pioneering the tokenization and trading of a brand new "Culture Asset Class" to let you directly benefit from social media trends and meme culture.

Gsaxxy 🎷

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